Saturday, March 12, 2011

Seeds Family Worship Music

Last year I organized a kids' choir at our church. I really wanted to find something fun, hip, and meaningful. After searching and searching, my efforts finally paid off when I discovered Seeds Family Worship. This music was PERFECT for the choir, but it has also blessed our family in countless ways. For one, the songs make scripture memory a snap! Second, the music is GREAT. I have become a huge fan! We pick a scripture or two a week and play that song every morning. Love starting the day this way--it puts us all in the right frame of mind!
I believe that kids have within them an innate desire to worship God, but they often don't have an avenue or the words to express what is there. Music is a natural outlet and I see such JOY as kids sing to God. Tears filled my eyes as I heard those sweet choir voices sing, "If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation..."
The Seeds website gives family devotional ideas and has free downloadable cards of the verses on the CDs. They also give you two CDs for the price of one (the planting seeds concept) - -keep one for yourself, and give one!

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